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Lỗi không kết nối wifi | Fix laptop not connected to wifi extremely simple

Surely, you have sometimes encountered a laptop error that cannot connect to wifi . At that time, the learning and entertainment process will be interrupted. So what to do? If you are interested in this issue, do not miss the following article.

1. Restart the wifi transmitter

The first simple solution that you should apply when the computer is not connected to wifi is to restart the wifi transmitter.


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2. Restart the computer

Every time the laptop fails to connect to wifi, rebooting your computer is the most basic thing you need to do. Because sometimes the computer is in conflict with certain software that is the cause of the problem.

3. Check connection

Check the connection is what you should do when the laptop is not connected to wifi. Sometimes the loose cap is the "culprit" that causes a connection error. Please check whether the connectors are loose or not.

4. Using the wrong Pass log

When the laptop has detected the wifi but still cannot connect, you may have entered the wrong password. Please enter the password again, turn off Caps Lock and type again. Perhaps all problems will be solved immediately.

5. Computer cannot connect to wifi due to virus

Computer virus infection is also a common cause of the problem of not being able to connect to wifi. This is because your computer frequently accesses malicious websites without anti-virus software. Therefore, you should avoid accessing websites of unknown origin. On the other hand, it is recommended to install anti-virus software to protect the computer from malicious codes.

6. Re-enable Wifi on Laptop

Maybe someone borrowed your laptop and accidentally turned off the Wifi detector. This may be the reason why the computer cannot connect to the Internet. Very simple, you just need to use the key combination to turn on the wifi finder again. Note that each type of laptop will use a different key combination to turn on the wifi detector again.

Dell Laptop: Fn + F2 or PrtScr

Asus Laptop: Fn + F2

Laptop Lenovo: Fn + F5 or Fn + F7

Acer Laptop: Fn + F5 or Fn + F2

HP laptop: Fn + F12

Laptop Toshiba : Fn + F12

7. Update Driver

Sometimes the failure to update the driver is also the cause of the error of not connecting to the wifi.

Step 1: You can use the key combination Start + E , right-click select This PC and then select Manage .

Step 2:  When the Manage window appears, continue to click on the " Device manager " and check in the " Network Adapter " column to see if the wifi driver is present (the wifi driver will usually have the words Wireless Network)

With Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 operating system with built-in airplane mode, if you miss this mode, turn it off to use wifi.

8. Cannot use the Touchpad

Some laptops occasionally experience a situation where the touchpad cannot be used on Windows 10. It was originally determined that the Synaptics touchpad driver is not compatible with Windows 10. And you can fix it manually as follows: .

Open  Settings> Devices> Mouse> Additional mouse options.  The mouse setup window appears, click the ClickPad tab  > Settings> Advanced Tab  and drag the Filter Activation Time slider   back to " 0 Seconds ". Finally, click  OK  to save is finished.

9. Enter the new IP address

Sometimes due to malfunctioning settings, your laptop can not recognize the correct IP range allocated, now you should  check the IP address  placed in the computer and proceed to enter a new static IP address for WiFi on Windows laptops 10 to have internet access as usual.

You open  Command Prompt  up similar to the way mentioned above, then you turn to type and press Enter 2 command lines below and then restart the computer.

10. Reset the TCP / IP protocol

TCP / IP stands for  Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol . TCP / IP is one of the core components of the Windows operating system necessary for connecting your computer to the internet. When it fails, even though computers are connected to the network, when trying to access a website, it will say "Web pages cannot be displayed". In this case, it is very likely that TCP / IP is corrupt and needs to be reset.

To perform the TCP / IP protocol reset operation.

Open a  Command Prompt  by clicking Start, typing  cmd   , selecting it, and then opening it with   administrator privileges (Run as administrator) .

Then type in the Command Prompt window and press Enter with each of the following commands:

netsh winsock reset
netsh int ip reset
At this point, try restarting your laptop and reconnecting to the WiFi network.

Above are the simple and effective ways to fix laptop not connecting to wifi . Hopefully the above will bring a lot of useful information for you. Do not forget to accompany us to update more useful information offline.



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